I know from a personal experience how much effort can go into figuring out your career choices or what to do next in your work life.

How to discover, create and manage your career in the changing world of work - these are my main fields of interest supported by professional skills and experiences in career counselling & coaching, training, service development and project management.

My mission is to support people in building satisfying careers.

*I have worked in the field of career guidance from 2013.
Since 2018 I started my career coaching private practice (Tulevikupilt OÜ/ Future Vision). 

*I have diverse range of experience as a career counselor and coach with adults and youth - 1500+ clients. Topics ranging from choosing and building career paths, planning career development, getting clarity on what and how you want your work-life to be, managing career changes to building self-confidence and skills to take action. I work with organisations to support their employees career development. 

*Delivered trainings and workshops on the topics of self-awareness, career & professional development, career transitions, changing world of work - more than 4500+ participants; I do workshops both online and onsite.

*Developed and shared methods to other career specialists; lecturer of  a course for career counselling students at the university;  mentor for career counselors.

*Certified Career Specialist, Career Counselor, EstQF level 7 (from 2021)
Certified Career Counselor 
from 2017.
Certified Designing Your Worklife coach, 2022
*Coaching Skills Certificate, AoEC/ EBS, 2022

*Professional development:
- Basic training of career counselors (115 hours, 4 ECTS)
Motivational Interviewing for career specialists (3 days). EMITA
Solution Focused Career Counselling (1 day). Mari Saari
- HOPE centered career development and CIP model (2 days).prof. Spencer Niles & prof. James P. Sampson
Active engagement in career counselling (2 days). Prof. Norman E. Amundson
- Multiculturalism, learning and work mobility (3 ECTS). University of Tartu
- MOOC: The changing World of Work (6 weeks). EmployID

- e-coaching (1 day, Fontes PMP)
-Designing Your Worklife Coaching workshop (3 days), DYL Group

*Educational background:
-Psychology  (Bsc, equivalent to a Master's level degree),  University of Tartu
-Political Science (MA), Tallinn University.
-Human Resource Management - in MA studies from 2022, Tallinn Technical University

*Active member of the Associaton of Estonian Career Counsellors from 2014. From 2018-2021 Member of the Board. 

*Other activities I enjoy: cinema, reading and learning, slackline, pilates, time with my family, riding my bicycle, volunteering.
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Contact me for career coaching or workshops for your team!
Anna Gramberg I Career Coach I Trainer
ph.+372 56914066 (Estonia, Tartu)