Meaningful work, better self-awareness, clearer career goals and perceived career development opportunities in the organisation help to shape a more satisfying working life and valuable employee experience for your people.

How can you better support your employees' career & professional development in your organisation? Book a workshop for your team or managers, onsite or online.

Career conversations: how to support career development of your people.

Having career conversations with your people matter and help to increase job satisfaction and employee engagement. Exploring their career goals, what works for them in their current role, what other roles or challenges they might want to take on - helps to better link personal career growth with business needs.

The aims of the workshop:

  • to provide insights, tools & tips from a career coach perspective and practice on how to have an engaging, supportive and mutually beneficial career conversation with your employees;

  • to share experiences with other team leaders and managers with this type of one-on-one conversations, what are the challenges and best practices to learn from.

Anna conducted a webinar for our team leaders to support them in having career conversations with their employees. Anna is a true professional when it comes to career topics, and although these topics sometimes tend to be theoretical, then Anna knows how to give practical tools in this field. 

What I loved the most was that Anna was curious and comprehensive about getting to know our company and processes before the webinar. Later, she tied her webinar very nicely with our company.
Karis Reilent, People Operations Team Leader,  Playtech Estonia OÜ

What participants will get from the interactive workshop:

  • overview and materials for preparing and conducting a career conversation, including sample questions and a check-list for before/during/after;  

  • framework/ tool for career & professional development planning;

  • map different ways and means of how to support career & professional development;

  • share peer to peer experiences, challenges and best practices of 1:1 conversations.

Feedback from participants:
New ideas what to cover in 1:1 conversations.  Different approaches.
Think about horizontal growth and person other goals.
Discussing career development with empolyee is important.

Career & professional development - how to design your career journey.

What are the elements of a personal career navigation system that help your people map ways to reach their career goals and plan their professional development? 

People seek personal meaning in their work. You can offer valuable time for your employees to create meaning for themselves, to refresh the Why, the How and the What of their work life and support their career development in your organization. 

The aims of the workshop:

  • to offer opportunity for your people to reflect on their current career & professional development aspirations and needs;

  • to help identify various ways, how your employees can plan their professional development and achieve their career goals within your organisation (and beyond);

  • to share experiences between team members for ideas on how to further shape their career path in the organisation;

My main takeaway is that I control my career path and need to decide where I truly want to develop and take action.
I appreciate hearing others!

Career & professonal development planning, Tulevikupilt OÜ

The elements of career development include:

  • being aware of what you value in your work life;
  • what are your career aspirations and what impact you want to make;
  • what valuable experiences and skills have you already gained in your organization;
  • what are different ways you can develop in your current role and other activities;
  • what professional roles would you like to explore, grow into or create in the future.

In the workshop:

  • We will go through some key aspects to consider for career & professional development planning.

  • Guided exercises to analyse work life to create personal meaning, career development goals and to plan professional development.

  • Share peer to peer experiences and ideas on career & professional development.

Feedback & insights from participants:
Don't miss out on opportunities just because they don't match your plan exactly.
Making learning a part of everyday work is very beneficial for setting future career plans. Be aware and be present as you go about your daily job.

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