Meaningful work and clearer career goals help to shape a more rewarding working life.

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Workshop for teams:
Building your unique career: how to design and navigate your career path.

What would be the elements of your personal career navigation system that help you map ways to reach your career goals and plan your professional development?

The aim of the workshop is to reflect, in a guided way, on today's career development aspirations and needs, and to identify ways to plan your professional development and realise your career ambitions within your organisation and more broadly.

Töötuba meeskonnale: "Tööelu mõtestamine ja karjääriarengu kavandamine"
  • võimalus sinu töötajatele võtta korraks aeg maha, et mõtestada enda tänast tööelu, arengusoove ja karjäärisihte;
  • jagada kolleegidega kogemusi ja saada ideid, kuidas enda karjääriteekonda organisatsioonis edasi kujundada;
  • töötuba toetab ka häälestumist arenguvestluseks.

In the workshop we will go through some key aspects to consider for better self-awareness and career & professional development planning:

what you value in your work life, what are your current career aspirations, the impact you want to make and to develop mindset and skills for making it happen.
 What valuable experiences and skills have you already gained in your organisation? What are the different ways you can develop in your current role and other activities? What professional roles do you want to explore, grow into or create in the future?